Carefully Crafted Communications

Eleven are a multi-disciplinary communications agency. We are perfectly placed within the busy business site of Manor Royal, near Gatwick Airport.

We work very closely with our clients and support each other through a multitude of projects. This gives us a great relationship and means all creative and printing can be handled under one roof.

As a small but dedicated team, we are firm believers in personally interacting with our clients. We feel this makes the process a more positive experience, building passion and excitement on both sides. This leads to a well-considered and lovingly built end result.

As a team, we work across a variety of different projects, from creating entire brand identities to large format or packaging design, and are able to confidently consult and assist in finding creative solutions.

What we do

Print, print, print! 90%
Crackers 88%
Artwork 80%
Design 10%
Websites 5%

Eleven combine intelligent design, the latest technology, old school typographical knowledge and striking imagery in order to create your corporate and consumer literature. Whether you need a corporate brochure, direct marketing, newsletter or magazine, website or app, we will get you noticed by your target market. Working with our printers, we ensure you receive excellent quality at highly competitive rates, and our knowledge of print processes and materials means we know how produce truly unique and innovative design for print.

The Internet is usually the first place customers look when they want to find out about your products or services. We work with you to develop a digital strategy that works for your organisation and target market.

Eleven uses the latest technology to combine information with interactivity – presenting your message in a truly engaging way. We create easy to use content managed sites, which means that once we’ve done the design and build, you can add and update the content yourself, which gives you full control over your site. Of course we’re there to support you at every stage, and add new elements as online presence grows.

Put simply, it is the total management of a company’s complete print requirements – from business vital print, continuous computer stationery, marketing print, direct mail, financial print, to corporate clothing, promotional items, signage and even building wraps and vehicle livery. If it needs printing – it needs managing and if a company isn’t doing it properly – they are wasting effort – which is time and money.

This is where print management companies are critical to the support of their clients. The most experienced print manages tend to come from a manufacturing and sales background, who specialised mainly in the supply of all printed matter, plus over the years have diversified into many other areas.

Many other related services are essential, such as storage, stock control, distribution and usage reporting etc.The best print management agencies will provide their clients with vastly superior levels of knowledge of all print processes.

Training is vitally important and often an overlooked area. Also of importance are the latest integrated ICT systems, warehousing and distribution services. Dedicated internal support teams, in addition to the account directors and managers who tend to operate mainly out ‘in the field’, are crucial.

Finally to complete the picture, the best agencies also place great importance on supplier relations and ‘partner’, by having in place S.L.A. agreements with all the chosen suppliers while remaining as a independent print management agency.We are always looking for new ways to utilise the print medium to create fresh and relevant ways to deliver your message with impact. From the simplest brochure to the most elaborate media effort, nothing should be typical or expected.

Beautiful bespoke handmade crackers designed to promote your business or brand

We offer a design service or can supply templates for your design team to create the perfect gift to wow your customers and staff this Christmas.